Matej to Oxford

Thank you for the support 💙

I’m going to Oxford!

My name is Matej Bílik and I received an offer from the University of Oxford to join the Master of Science in Education (Higher Education).

Education is not just my job, but my passion. Last 3 years I worked to improve education in Slovakia. But to be more effective in my work, I wanted to learn from the best experts in the field. So, later I can use my acquired knowledge and skills to help to develop education. I hope my story will inspire you to support me.

The picture is from my speech at the protest to “Kick out plagiarists from the politics.”

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Raised amount

+ Martin Filko’s scholarship

The minimal estimation of expenses related to the studies at Oxford is 47 thousand euros. At the end of June I was awarded Martin Filko’s scholarship, which covers my tuition at Oxford (25 900 pounds) and also part of my living expenses. Together with this fundraiser and my savings, I had enough resources to confirm my offer and I am ready to join Oxford in October.

Your generous donations and support mean a lot to me. As part of the scholarship, after graduating from Oxford I will work 3 years at the Slovak Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport, where I will have chance to contribute to the development of education in Slovakia.

Something about me

From an early age, I tried to get involved in whatever community I was in. It started with the student council at my primary school, then the student parliament and environmental action group at the UWC Maastricht in the Netherlands. After finishing secondary school, I worked for a year at the international school UWC Changshu China. I received my bachelor’s at BISLA, with a major in political science and a minor in sociology. During my studies there I worked in NGOs, founded multiple student organizations, and in 2018 was elected to represent my college at the Student Council for Higher Education.

In November 2019 I was elected to the position of Vice-president for Foreign Affairs. My key activities included representing Slovak students abroad (ex. European Higher Education Area Ministerial Conference 2020), a survey on impacts of the pandemic on students, and student week of mental health. I turned my student activism into a job as an analyst at the Slovak Accreditation Agency for Higher Education. In my brief career, I explored many positions, but I keep returning to education.

I hope my passion for education inspired you to support me and continue my story.

“I got to know Matej as a very resourceful student, bringing new perspectives and arguments into our discussions, with his proactive approach and general overview. I support his efforts because I know he will approach his studies at Oxford with the same rigor.”

Prof. PhDr. Iveta Radičová, PhD.
Professor of Sociology (BISLA), former Prime Minister of Slovak republic

“I support Matej’s studies at Oxford. Firstly, they will help him in gaining new knowledge and contacts. At the same time, his studies will be a benefit for Slovakia, when he returns to apply what he learned and contribute to the development of higher education in our country.”

Renáta Hall, PhD.
Analytical team coordinator at SAAHE, former director of project Learning makes sense (To dá rozum) and higher education policy adviser

“Slovak higher education is in need of reform, for that there is an urgent need for qualified, creative, educated, and experienced policy makers, who can handle this reform. There are only few young people, who would be predisposed for this role as Matej. He is well-read, already has some experience through his leading position in Student Council for Higher Education and work at Accreditation Agency. Studies at Oxford will give him the greatest possible expertly insight into higher education policy making. This I take as an investment, which will pay off in the future multiple times. I and my colleagues at BISLA (Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts) are fully supporting him and we are delighted that he was offered such an unique opportunity. We are proud of Matej and are expecting great things from him.”

Dagmar Kusá, PhD.
Undergraduate Studies Coordinator,
Assistant Professor and Thesis Advisor (BISLA)

“Oxford is a place, where the best ideas contest each other on path to ideals. Matej was my student on a course about Friedrich Nietzsche, and his question, comments and interpretations showed the power of his own voice – which is unique. I believe that at Oxford he will contest, challenge and discuss. He will be there at home.”

Jakub Betinský
course Nietzsche (Anton Neuwirth collegium), philosophy podcaster [SK]

“Matej Bilik is more committed to a thoughtful engagement with pedagogy and community building than any other student I have taught. He is more than deserving of this degree. Oxford would be lucky to have him. Slovakia already is.”

James Griffith, PhD.
Assistant Professor of Political Thought and Philosophy (BISLA)

What am I planning to do after Oxford?

My story does not here and after my studies at Oxford, I plan to keep being involved in the development of education, whether through research or via involvement in the educational policy. The educational sector is undergoing massive shifts, the role of formal education is in question as well as the problems of accessibility and meritocracy. I believe that the experiences and knowledge from Oxford will help me to contribute to these developments.

Higher education institutions specifically in Slovakia are undergoing at the same time massive reforms in their accreditation, financing, and governance. Not only higher education, but all education at all levels in dealing with the pandemic, which is reshaping the way we learn, teach and do research. Educational systems are trying to prepare graduates for the fast-changing labor market and life after school, which is greatly affected by many global challenges we are facing. After finishing Oxford, I plan to apply what I learned there, spend more time with these challenges in education, and do my part in its development.

Thank you for your support and for becoming part of my story.

Why Oxford?

The University of Oxford belongs to the top of the field across the spectrum, while it offers specialization that you can find in only a few other universities. Every year only 12 students from all around the world are selected to attend MSc Education (Higher Education). The course is heavily focusing on research in education trying to explore topics such as access, tuition, rankings, internationalization, relationship with the labor market, and social justice.

Oxford is also the home to the Centre for Global Higher Education – a top research center that studies higher education. While selecting the right course, it was important to me that the topic of education would be approached multidisciplinary. Not only higher education institutions are spaces for learning and research, but they have also a strong relation to the economy, society, culture, and politics.

I believe that my studies at Oxford will expand my experiences, I will acquire important research competencies, and I will have a chance to explore many problems that higher education is facing globally.

How much financial support do I need?

Due to Brexit studying at Oxford became significantly more expensive for EU students, and they are no longer eligible for a loan from the British government.

24 900 £ (30 000 €)


~ 17 000 €

Living expenses (accommodation, meals, insurance, and travel)

Even though I applied for every financial support I was eligible for, I was not successful in securing my funding. I have sufficient savings to cover most of my living expenses. Nevertheless, I am still short on funds to cover my tuition (approx. 30 thousand euros) and part of my living expenses (approx. 5 thousand euros). To confirm my offer, I need to declare sufficient funding by the end of June (approx. 47 thousand euros).

For this reason, I am reaching out to my friends and the public, to aid me in fulfilling my dream. At Oxford, I will gain new knowledge and skills from the most renowned experts, which I will later use in my work to improve education.

Thank you in advance for every donation.

Support Matej!

Thank you for the interest to support me, you are not only helping to achieve my dream, but you are also contributing to the research of education. With all my donors, I will regularly share my life at Oxford. Besides that, I also offer a few symbolic rewards for those that decide to support me over 50 euros. If you cannot afford to support me financially, you can also support me by sharing my fundraiser on your social media. Thank you for any kind of support.

What you can receive?

Every donor

monthly newsletter about my studies at Oxford

50 €

+ postcard from Oxford with personal thank you

100 €

+ personal thanks in my master thesis

If you want to support me with a larger amount, I am willing to offer in exchange my time (lectures, workshops, etc.) and expert work (research in education, education policy, etc.). Feel free to reach out to me at

The fundraiser is taking place on PayPal, which accepts a variety of payments while keeping your information safe. You can donate without having a PayPal account. Your donation can also be anonymous. If you do not want to contribute through a public fundraiser in PayPal, you can donate directly to my account, IBAN: SK98 1100 0000 0029 1865 6766. Do not forget to mention in the note Oxford and in case you want to stay in touch, please also write down your email address.

Thank you for your donation

This page will be regularly updated. Your contribution should be displayed here within 24 hours. You can monitor the fundraiser through PayPal here.

I will inform you about the result of this fundraiser by the end of June.

28.6.2021 (direct payment)Bálint L.100.00€
30.6.2021 (direct payment)Mária D.Matej, držíme palce,
sme na Vás všetci hrdí.
29.6.2021 (direct payment)Martin S.10.00€
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21.6.2021 (direct payment)Ivana P.Drz sa Matej20.00€
21.6.2021 (direct payment)Ján G.50.00€
21.6.2021 (direct payment)Renáta B.150.00€
21.6.2021 (direct payment)Nikoleta O.Na štúdium of Niky. 🙂5.00€
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21.6.2021 (direct payment)Matej M.100.00€
21.6.2021 (direct payment)Ivica K.Veľa štastia v ďalšom štúdiu.50.00€
20.6.2021 (PayPal)Peter BaránekGood luck! 🙂20.00€
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16.6.2021 (direct payment)Zuzana L.Drzim palce Matej 🙂10.00€
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12.6.2021 (direct payment)anonymous1,000.00€
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10.6.2021 (PayPal)Martin VassNech ti Pezinske zlato otvori
cestu do Oxfordu a Oxford cestu
k poznaniu a poznanie cestu k hodnote,
ktoru za sebou zanechas.
10.6.2021 (direct payment)Lucia T.25.00€
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3.6.2021 (PayPal)Omari PalmerWishing you all the best Matej,
you will do amazing things
with this education!
3.6.2021 (direct payment)Katarina M.50.00€
3.6.2021 (direct payment)Peter H.50.00€
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27.5.2021 (PayPal)Lujza DemuthovaNech sa Ti darí a dúfam,
že Ťa tom v tom Oxforde bude
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25.5.2021 (PayPal)anonymousMatej, verím, že si ten Oxford aj užiješ
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nad knihami 🙂 a za počítačom.
Go, Matej, go!
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potrebuje takých ako ty!
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22.5.2021 (PayPal)Alexandra Mruk PapaianopolFingers crossed Matej
and lot of success at Oxford
– MR. UK Family
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skvelá správa že rozvíjaš svoj talent!
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